Alpha Shape

Alpha shape is a Medical Grade Cosmetic Non-Surgical treatment which uses:

  • Ultrasound Cavitation,
  • Radio Frequency,
  • Vacuum Suction,
  • Cryotherapy, and
  • Myostimulation.

Alpha shape treats cellulite reduction, skin tightening, face lifting and body shaping.

Do you have areas that despite exercise and diet the fat just stays put?

Ultrasonic cavitation is the latest technology available that allows for the removal of fat from stubborn areas as well as tightening of the skin with INSTANT RESULTS!

There is no anaesthesia, scarring or downtime and you can return to your normal daily routine IMMEDIATELY. There is nothing like losing a centimetre or two over your lunch break! This non-invasive treatment delivers instant slimming and body contouring results.

Surgical liposuction can cost up to $10,000 per treatment area. Cavitation is a low-cost affordable alternative to surgical liposuction and like surgery, it delivers effective results in the desired area.

We recommend a minimum of 6-8 treatments for the chosen area, for best results we suggest one treatment per week. Each treatment times varies from person to person depending on your specific needs, an average treatment is approx. 60mins.

Awaken Beauty offers you Package Deals at 20% off which you purchase 6 or more treatments.

In combination with your treatment, we recommend drinking approximately 2L of water daily, a healthy eating plan and regular exercise to further your results aiding weight loss and detoxification.

Areas Treatable Single Treatment
Abdomen $250
Calves $250
Upper Thigh $250
Buttocks $250
Upper Back $250
Lower Back $250
Hips $250
Upper Arms $250
Face Tightening $160
Neck (Double Chin) $250